Thursday, August 6, 2015

Evil Kikes Ban Glorious CoonTown on Reddit

In the interest of promoting the White genocide, anti-white Reddit has banned Coontown in order to prevent hypnotized self-hating Whites from waking up from their kike induced trance of genetic suicide. This will ensure that White women continue to breed with nigras and produce nigra babies which will replace the Whites and produce a United States reminiscent of Rhodesia and/or Detroit.

Reasons given were that CoonTown incited harm against "others" (i.e. non-Whites that the media adored, while Whites are fodder for violent niggery because White privilege). 

According to Gizmodo, /r/Rapingwomen and Coontown were considered to be on the same level by the anti-White overlords, despite the fact that Coontown provide a public service to White men who have become the new Niggers of the New World Order.