Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Dr. David Duke Debates Cuckspiracist Alex Jones

In a dazzling display of cucksense, Alex Jones debated David Duke after a caller made him feel cuckish, causing a cuck-quiver in Alex which blossomed into a royal intellectual cucking. Soon thereafter, Jones' kids drank some of Dad's blood to keep themselves from turning into dust.

In Jones' defense, he allowed Duke a lot of leeway compared to most hosts, although the final product that was posted on Alex Jones Channel was distorted for maximum character attack points on David Duke. In fact, most of Jones' "debate" was about Duke's character and avoided his points, except in putting out anecdotal asides that avoid key facts. 

Many pro-White's are excited by this interview, including myself, because we feel that there are Whites close to our position who watch Alex Jones and may learn what they've been missing.