Thursday, August 6, 2015

Donald Trump Declares War on Women and Mexico

After suffering multiple attacks by El Chapo and the Mexico military, along with unsightly breast milk pumping episodes and accusations of rape, Donald Trump declared war on both Mexico and women, calling for Jade Helm to be used to seize diaphragms and close down abortion clinics, and force illegal Mexicans to dress in women's clothes and call each other "cabron".

Women objected, insisting that they should have the right to vote, sleep with niggers, commit adultery, and experiment with rug munching all while having careers and not raising White children.

"This is a Holocaust against Women," screamed an unidentified member of Code Pink who hurled herself at Donald Trump and ended up breaking three ribs when he deflected her with a garbage can lid and sent her careening down a staircase.

But seriously, Trump wants all women to be oppressed by barefoot pregnancy in kitchens with no dishwashers to keep them svelte.