Thursday, August 27, 2015

Bryce Williams and the Buried Lessons of History

Dael Goodson

Racial equality has failed, and the Bryce Williams case offers a fresh opportunity to examine why.

This was quite predictable, really, because the myth of racial equality is just that, a myth, and to foist this unnatural and dangerous idea on a people is a recipe for disaster that has had direful results in the past, as outlined by William Pierce in The Lesson of Haiti. We have also the ongoing examples in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Unfortunately, a control system is in power in the United States where many of our kind do not see what is coming. It exists in the universities, on the TV, and in the movie theaters. It is deception of a lethal sort, and aimed squarely at the White race by Jewish technicians, inventors of racism.

Universities in the United States are little more than communist indoctrination centers that get you into lifelong debt and fill your head with the idea that there is something sophisticated about ignoring reality and sleeping with subhumans. All the professors and administrators who participate in this project without raising their voices for fear of dismissal and disgrace are cowards and traitors of the worst kind, poisoning the minds of young Whites against themselves and their future.

A quick study of Franz Boas will demonstrate how this equality farce has been executed, and a study of Bolshevism will show how one of communism's goals is the elimination of Whites and Christianity from the face of the Earth by any means. And watching a few TV shows or movies will show how dangerous notions of feminism, tranny rights, gay rights, atheism, race mixing, and other White genocide enhancing projects are promoted with a Satanic enthusiasm on the Jew controlled media.

When Jews have total power they slaughter White people. Also, when Blacks gain total power wh ere Whites had been in power, they go about slaughtering the White race. In the United States we are now entering a period where Jews and Blacks are positioning themselves for such a slaughter.

The Jew Neo-cons are nothing more than Trotskyites, and Black Lives Matter is merely a battering ram for anti-White racists, funded by Jews, to push a media narrative of discrimination against Blacks in a land where discrimination against Whites has in fact been the case for decades. Again, this is kept from being laughed out of existence by the propagation of the myth of equality, where the under-achieving Blacks are excused on the basis of White privilege instead of blamed for their genetic defects.

An ethnic cleanse is coming, and what ethnicities prevail may very well depend upon you, how prepared you are, how connected you are to your community, and how well you educate yourself. To pretend there is no threat at this point is foolhardy. The comfort you cling to can be swept away in an instant. It is time to sacrifice for your people.