Monday, August 10, 2015

Babylonian American Nightmare

 by Dael Goodson

After studying Mein Kampf and thinking about it for a few days I'm realizing that the similarities with our situation and those Hitler observed are striking. Although, in many ways, the situation may be more dire now. Hitler had the example of the Bolsheviks, and we have the example of the enforcement of diversity, which isn't quite as striking as heaps and heaps of dead Ukrainians--BUT is closer to home.  However, we also have the god damned TV blasting insanity into the minds of our people, who often contend with their emptiness by turning to drug use and other forms of soul killing licentiousness (also encouraged by the TV). The Jewish press Hitler complained of has the same characteristics as he noted, but has become far more powerful than it was in his time, where there was a viable antisemitic press, and other shades of dissent. 
All of this can lead one to the conclusion that going Dylann Storm Roof makes sense, or hope that David Duke is correct and that people will eventually get the message and rise up. However, observing recent Klan rallies surrounding the Confederate flag issue, it appears any pro-White uprising would be met by a violent opposition of Black Lives Matter and other anti-Whites, along with possible police state tactics that are increasingly draconian. It's quite a fix indeed. 
The reaction to Donald Trump by the conservative media and the public appear to lend some hope he could be a game changer in the arena of "discourse", allowing some holes to be ripped in the politically correct curtain. His critique of immigration, although mild by my standards, called to the blood, which is what we need. A color blind people deny their lineage  and step gaily into the ditch.
Hitler believed in the power of the spoken word to awaken the people, and said that any man willing to stand on a table in a bar and address the people was worth more than a million anonymous anti-semites. Currently, like many people, it'd be next to impossible for me to publicly attack the Jew unless I want to also live in the woods for a while. That's why I respect anyone who does, even if I have disagreements with their ideas on race, spirit, and methods. 
Even people who are close to the truth have a difficult time making the final leap, as it often involves a complete overturning of their value systems, as detrimental as they are. Such a period seems to be one of great insecurity on the face of it, but when the transition to Jew-wise is complete an inflowing of power and purpose follows. Then one is on the other side of the looking glass, and perceives clearly the insanity of self-hating Whites, as well as the savagery of the invading and plundering non-whites. It is a spiritual transformation that clarifies the world.