Saturday, August 15, 2015

Anti-Fascists March in Liverpool

If China was being filled up with black and White immigrants because diversity, and some Chinese objected, would you think the Chinese objecting were racists?

A huge crowd of Jews, invading plunderers, and White supporters of their own genocide rose up in Liverpool in response to an anticipated march by National Action, a pro-White Brit group. Apparently, the raw numbers of scum in the street caused National Action to cancel their march, although I haven't heard National Actions side of the story.

This tweet from "City centre reporter for . From Leeds St to Upper Parliament St, I'm your man. Shrews fan who tweets Mersey-wide. Tips/stories gratefully received."

 The coverage made the entire event sound peaceful but then it was reported some violence broke out.

 Other than demanding the right to genocide the White race, the anti-fascists claimed that anyone who is let into the country to assist in the White genocide is just as English as the indigenous population. A rainbow Union Jack, the rainbow being the symbol of White genocide apparently, was displayed claiming all Whites are Nazis, unless they agree to be "genocided" (yes, it's a verb now, deal).