Thursday, August 20, 2015

Alex Jones Attacked by MK Ultra During David Duke Interview

Dael Goodson

During the interview with David Duke, Alex Jones repeatedly complained about a headache, and a later MRI revealed his frontal lobes had been subjected to heavy doses of microwaves. I have all the documents that prove this.

As revealed by anti-Nazi activist Marshall Thomas, microwave weapons developed by Operation Paperclip have been used by the hidden Nazi death cult running the world using Jews as a front, whom they enslaved with mind control after pretending to lose World War Two.

Alex Jones has managed to anger the Nazi Death Cult by repeatedly making videos mocking the KKK, the Nazi Death Cult's enforcers of diversity, which is a ruse to hide the secret White supremacist agenda.

The secret of the Nazi Death Cult's power is that they took the 6 million Jews who were supposedly gassed and in fact turned them into the front for the super-secret Nazi Death Cult 1000 Year Reich which has turned all of humanity into cattle (except for the KKK).

Such was the torment inflicted on Alex Jones that he has developed PTSD, hallucinated that David Duke was turning into the Big Bad Wolf, and now wets his pants if he hears "David" or "Jew".

"He is a Big Bad Wolf in sheep's clothing," said Jones. "He wants to blow my house down. But my house is made of rock solid steel-reinforced granite, Wolf!"

Jones then threw himself on the floor and began chewing on a carpet. 

Pink Floyd warned us about this in Animals, and now it is all coming to fruition, mwahahaha! I mean, OMG Nazis!