Monday, July 27, 2015

Sandra Bland's Anti-White Ranting Enhanced by her Martyr Status

By Mel Goyson

Despite the fact that the media does nothing but harp on Black deaths while ignoring White victims of Black crime as much as possible, Sandra Bland was utterly convinced that the opposite was true. Such was the depth of her sense of victimization that she felt a perfectly polite officer was targeting her for being Black.

In this completely illogical, moronic speech, Bland insists that the existence of the #blacklivesmatter hashtag proves the movement is necessary. Simlarly, the hastag #Martianlivesmatter proves the existence of a 19th planet where Blacks evolved from Whites.

She also declares that Whites have power and Blacks don't because Whites are in positions of power, despite the fact that the President isn't White, and the media is owned by Jews. Whites have the power to be taxed to pay for the education of other races and illegal immigrants and to shut up about it though, so she really has a great point in there somewhere.

She also blamed Black on Black crimes on a lack of education, instead of one the natural tendency for Blacks to be more violent due to low IQs and high testosterone levels. Sadly, this belief was based in her lack of education due to an anti-White system which doesn't allow such truths to be propagated because racism.

The story that Sandra Bland was murdered and didn't commit suicide serves the function of promoting her now as a martyr, instead of an uppity negro who disrespected and assaulted a police officer because of her misconceptions and assumptions.