Monday, July 27, 2015

Mike Huckabee Accused of Abusing the Shoah

Continuing with their phony anti-Zionist show, Jewish groups condemned Mike Huckabee for comparing Obama's rejection of the nuclear option with Iran to "marching Israelis to the
oven door."

The anti-Zionist marching orders have been transmitted to many Jewish spokespeople with Abe Foxman, Jon Stewart, and Bill Maher all harping the anti-Israeli line in order to make Americans think that American Jews and Israeli Jews are an entirely different animal, and so that critics of Jews can be shouted down with the "All Jews are not Zionists, duh" mantra.

It's also true that not all Zionists are Jews, just those who have something to benefit from officially and openly embracing Zionism.

Like Mike Huckabee, funded by Jews.