Friday, July 31, 2015

Fifthteenth Nigra Killed Attempting to Steal Confederate Flag

Leroy Wutamelo was killed in the line of No Flagging in Wiskatuckee this Sunday, bringing the death toll of Confederate Flag raiding nigras to 15.

After being riled up by the kike media, nigras have begun a campaign of defacing Civil War memorials and graves, and stealing Confederate flags off of property. Whites have responded appropriately by putting out flags as bait with traps beneath them or on the way to them (the way often marked off with signs that read "You're almost there, nigger!"). One clever Southerner put a pit trap under a Confederate flag with a tiger in it, which tiger clamped down on the nigra's head and made off with it.

Other Southerners have set up sniper nests to pick off thieving nigras, while others have formed armed patrols to guard against the nigra menace.