Thursday, July 23, 2015

Close the Holocaust Museum of Southwest Florida

--White Fort Myers

World Jewry has invested untold billions in propagating its loony Holocaust tale, all in the interest of demonizing the entire White race, and in order to facilitate the White genocide. The Holocaust Museum and Education Center of Southwest Florida  was created for the sole purpose of helping to wipe out the White man and should be torn down immediately, along with the Jews.

Portions of the Holocaust tale have been admitted to be untrue at times, but you'll hear none of this at this "education center" meant to indoctrinate the young into thinking that Adolf Hitler, who freed many nations from the British Empire and halted the progress of communism into Western Europe, was somehow a terrible person, instead of a martyr in the war against the Jew World Order.

Because Jews are well aware of the fact that their entire existence and power structure depends upon lies, there are only very rarely Jews who break away from Jewish identity and spill the beans, like Benjamin Freedman, for instance. Most Jews are fine with just making stuff up and then insisting they weren't lying because it was "real" in their "mind"s. This is most likely due to the fact that, being descendants of Cain, they have an actual "lying gene."

Unfortunately, they also have lots of $$$ and are hellbent on world domination and the legalization of pedophilia.

Jews should be taxed for being Jewish and forced to make license plates and refrigerator magnets in a camp somewhere, and not be allowed to brainwash our young. Unfortunately, these weed people have instead grown tall over the wheat field, and their disfigured heads are blocking out the light of truth.