Sunday, July 26, 2015

America: the Concentration Camp for White People

By Mel Goyson

It seems rather comical to me that Alex Jones has stirred up so much fear of FEMA camps to me when it seems I'm already living in one.

I mean, no, there are no bars or shower rapings, per se, but the equivalent of such, yes.

Somehow, in the very country that White people built, they've become prisoners of a control system that is invisible to many of them. They find that they are taxed to provide services to invaders of other races. There are "prison guards" who are other races and self-hating Whites constantly on alert for any signs of seditious racism, ready to ruin the lives of those who show signs of daring to defend the White race. The other races have a host of organizations to promote them, but the very idea of a pro-White organization is somehow anathema.

Instead of indoctrination centers there are living rooms with 5 hours of TV, all the programming of which is controlled by Jews, and movie theaters where the situation is the same. And political correctness also permeates the educational systems.

Maybe as a child there is still a spark of imagination in them. At the movies, their eyes drift from the screen, following the light back to the projector, wondering what is behind that...

Whites are born into this system of control and often are given but few warning about what is happening. The endless stream of Jewish propaganda permeates them, getting into the fabric of their nervous system until they think this is just how it is and should be. In fact, the malicious transformation of their value system is sold to them as progress, as they watch their country fill up with non-Whites around them as whites slowly disappear.

Whites are constantly told that they are "privileged", despite the exact opposite being the case. This lie is repeated and presented in many different guises until the idea that it's a lie seems ludicrous.

The media howls every time a White person causes harm to a Black, even if it was self-defense performed in the line of duty. Then the Blacks are riled up by Jew-trained race baiters to riot, loot, and destroy, and the Jew media then gets cops fired for "racist" tweets that say things like "Gee, Blacks seem to commit more crimes than Whites". This observation, although true, is condemned, and the firing of the White cop or public servant in question serves as a sort of sacrificial offering to the God of White Genocide, appeasing him momentarily.

When some Whites stand up to the madness, they are labelled as haters: dangerous, racist, and crazy. The image of the KKK is bandied about as the worst example of these haters, and few recall what the KKK actually stood for or might still stand for is the preservation of the White race. Symbolically, the Whites therefore hate the idea of their very own survival as a race, and their behavior reflects this suicidal value system. Movies portraying Adolf Hitler as a monster, or Christians as vicious slave-traders, serve the same purpose.

Whites soon notice there are cameras everywhere, and hear that the government has a massive spying program, but they figure they're so well-behaved why worry about it. The idea that being a tax-paying, hard working citizen is the greatest role for which a White man is fit is never questioned. The most a White man will dare demand of illegal immigrants flooding his land is that they also being tax-paying, hard-working citizens, thanks to amnesty, so that they can help in paying off the endless usury collected by the Jew.

Then the all-mighty TV tells them there is an enemy, and the church says the Whites must defend Israel, and the Whites run off to the slaughter and die in the defense of their Concentration Camp of the Free.

Some of these veterans end up embittered, and wiser than their brethren who think of war as decent TV fare that doesn't quite compete with Dancing with the Stars. They are put on the same lists with the haters, and whispers that they are potentially dangerous terrorists and lisped from the mouths of Jew liars and their flunkies.

Occasionally, a White will be told that the White race is a construct, and he'll wonder how racism is possible for a moment, right before indulging his porn addiction and forgetting about such trivial passing thoughts. Or perhaps his smartphone will distract him halfway through this thought and it'll never be completed. Then, they'll laugh at Alex Jones as he mocks the KKK and warns them not to become White supremacists, and that Hitler really won World War II somehow and is using millions of Jews as a front.